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“Mother Nature has always placed community at the forefront of their mission and their artistry. Since 2015, Mother Nature has curated workshops and events centered around mental wellness to help participants unlearn fears, explore new passions, and unlock the possibilities of their genius” Read More.


JULY 30TH, 2020

“We are pioneers, revolutionaries, in the sense of using Hip-Hop as a way to help this renaissance. Because there is a renaissance that’s happening right now. Blackness, black health, black love, black unity, black economics - you know what I’m saying. It’s just something that we always been working towards. It’s beautiful now to be able to have Miseducation start in 2016 with us being babies and here now in 2020, it’s like the ground is finally fertile.”

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JULY 3RD, 2020

“HipHop has saved our lives, over and over again. HipHop has allowed us to travel overseas… to connect people and organize… to believe and understand your power and to understand your addictions, your generational trauma, the system. HipHop IS knowledge in motion.  Being educators, we gone teach through  OUR language.”  

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JANUARY 23RD, 2020

Join dynamic rap duo Mother Nature  for "On the Mic," a performance conversation, and hands-on workshop as part of AirGo x Apple's Tech & Activism series. On the Mic explores the different ways that amplification (both literal and metaphorical) is used as a tool in social movements, and how performers, movement workers, and media makers can both speak their own stories and amplify the stories of those around them. Learn more.



“Mother Nature want to present hip-hop culture as a means of self-actualization and self-expression—as something kids can pursue for the rest of their lives and get paid for doing. Through the lens of HipHop, we can see the whole full spectrum—that anything is possible, and you can do it on your own with little to no resources…We are trying to get the kids to pull out their own genius.”  

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APRIL 12TH, 2019

“School of Art Institute will be hosting Saturday Cyphers: The Infinite Cypher with musing Hip Hop duo Mother Nature… It's just an exchange of energy, exchange of knowledge. Whether we are like teaching out freestyle, doing something more tangible at the end of the day, like what you learn in beyond that goes deeper, and it's something that can actually help you in life.”  Read more.



“And now, the two have taken the transformative power of their music into the “classroom.”  Mother Nature was selected to participate in Next Level, a program by the U.S. State Department that aims to spread the spirit and culture of hip-hop across the globe. “The opportunity to travel globally and teach workshops was life-affirming for us,” said Mathews. “Like, this is work you can do for the rest of your life. This is good. You’re on your path.” Read more.



“In collaboration with Apple Music and Today at Apple, the Summit aims to uplift and further build the city’s arts and music communities by providing educational and networking opportunities through a number of engaging labs, workshops, and performances.” Learn more.



“I never realized I could do everything I want to do in life through hip hop,” Klevah said while also attributing Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown’s guidance in realizing they could fuse hip hop with academics and other aspirations. In addition to inspiring the duo, Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown inspires other black girls through her organization (SOLHOT), “a practice based, publicly engaged, collectively organized space for Black girls to envision Black girlhood anew.” Read more.

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