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Mother Nature reflects a HipHop aesthetic coupled with a real-world insight that intersects self-knowledge and traditional education, allowing them to connect and engage students in a unique way as mentors.

The uniquely qualified founders are graduates from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Klevah, holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Sociology while TRUTH holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Administration and Education. 

While attending the university, Klevah and TRUTH became united in sisterhood through their sociological education of Black Feminism and Black Girlhood, led by Gender and Women’s Studies professor  Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown. They coupled their formal education with their passion for music by joining the organization W.O.R.D. (Writers Organizing Realistic Dialect), which guided them to perfect their craft of writing, poetry and lyricism. 

The duo is empowered to pursue their careers in music as entrepreneurs by 3V Agency, which provides professional development tools for artists. They are also members of TheGr8Thinkaz, a collective of multimedia creatives and activists who produce quality media content and events that entertain, teach and heal. 


Based in Houston and Chicago, Mother Nature is the HipHop force of emcee-educators Klevah and TRUTH. Before they traveled the world captivating audiences, these Thinkaz explored their talents in the classroom.

Prior to forming Mother Nature as a musical group, TRUTH and Klevah originally connected as students and community leaders at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Heavily embedded in the community at the university, Klevah and TRUTH used their ingenuity learned through the culture of HipHop to conduct protest cyphers, youth festivals, and other teenage events to hold space for voices that were consistently being ignored. 


During this activism work, Mother Nature developed their initial workshop series, The Miseducation of HipHop. Through the desire to break the cycle of generational trauma and expand the knowledge of HipHop, Mother Nature, Inc. was formed.




Nature’s World is Mother Nature's 6th consecutive project. Mother Nature's music is the soundtrack to the work we do as The Miseducation of HipHop, what it means to unlearn fears, express freely, destroy and rebuild, and to come back to nature.


The power of HipHop has allowed for Mother Nature to travel abroad and to independently tour across the United States. We invite our community to adopt a mindset that remembers our true abundance lies within Mother Earth. We welcome our guests on an experiential, sonic, and visual journey into Nature’s World. 

"Nature's World" is a collaborative project by emcee duo Mother Nature, producer Renzell, and label Closed Sessions, coming together to mark a new wave in Chicago HipHop culture. Set to release on June 10th, this event will be a celebration of the new project and of the united community.

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